About Us

About Us

For almost 100 years, the Calleja family name has been associated with quality lighting supplies, locally. This company has supplied and installed lighting installations to a vast portion of Malta’s most prestigious and complex projects, and it has given its products and expertise to Malta’s homes, and residential and commercial developments for three generations of the Calleja family.

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In 1925. Malta, Emmanuel Calleja opened the doors to a small space in Fleur de Lys Road, B’Kara. Starting out as one of only four people on the island licensed to perform industrial electrical installation, he hit the ground running by helping the Pace Brothers lay the electrical foundations for a town that is today the heart of Maltese nightlife – Paceville.

Over a short period of time, Emmanuel’s burgeoning reputation saw his client list slowly shift to serving the needs of other electrical contractors and organisations of national prominence, who relied on him as a vital source of electrical supplies for their projects.

100 years in business

By 1970, the firm was riding an unprecedented wave of growth, driven by Malta’s electrical distribution conversion from 110 volts to 240 volts. With more than 50 employees and dozens of projects spilling into hallways, E. Calleja & Sons opened a new chapter in its history. A few blocks south from Fluer de Lys, at Bishop Labini Street B’Kara, the firm took over a 5,000-square-metre building.

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Then named E Calleja and Sons Ltd, Emanuel eventually brought his three sons into the business – Charles, Joseph and Anthony. Stephen and Etienne have taken over their cousins shares and now have full ownership of the company.

Today, Stephen Calleja and his cousin-in-law, Etienne Galea make up the company’s third generation management team. The Calleja brand has withstood the test of time, and they have secured their company Calleja Ltd’s success through the careful selection of quality brands and a dedicated focus on customer service.

“We held a rebranding strategy to revamp the company image and shorten its name. We felt like we had to do something to rejuvenate the brand and follow the new directorship and in tandem we also refurbished our show-room.”

Directors and Shareholders

Stephen Calleja Stephen Calleja Director & Shareholder
Etienne Galea Etienne Galea Director
Marianne Galea Marianne Galea Shareholder
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