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The following are answers to questions we are being asked about our rebranding initiative. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.
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Why have you changed your name and logo?

In an effort to better meet the needs of today’s customers, we advocate constant improvement to our 85 year legacy and as we’ve grown in experience and wisdom, we felt there was a widening discrepancy between who we are today and how we are recognized. The new Calleja brand identity is intended to signal that positive changes have been made and it accurately portrays the stature and standards we set ourselves today.

The risks involved with name changes are well documented – so this is not something that we took lightly. However, in our case, we felt that the risk involved was far less since our clients have always shortened E. Calleja & Sons to just Calleja – by default. We made our decision very carefully, with the long-term in mind, following extensive collaboration with our staff and customers.


Why spend money on this in the current economic climate?

At a time when many businesses are awash in anxiety because of the downturn in the global economy, we made a conscious decision to maintain investment in our brand with a view to enlarging our market opportunity in the years ahead. We believe that this is the best way to create lasting value for our customers, shareholders and owners. Our new name and identity are intended to draw attention to the results of this investment and our ongoing commitment to sustain our success.


Will you be increasing your prices to pay for this exercise?

There will be no price changes as a result of the rebranding. We are always working hard to offer products and services that represent good value for money and we will continue to do this.


Will there be a noticeable improvement in your service?

This exercise is intended to signal a commitment to constantly improve our brand, rather than to herald perfection at any moment in time. As a result of this change, we believe you will see a continuous improvement in our service.


Do internet searches take me to if I forget and type in

Yes, if you forget we automatically redirect you to


Have your contact details changed?

No. You can still contact us using the addresses and telephone numbers you have always used.


About Calleja

Founded in 1925, Calleja pioneered many supply, turnkey and consultancy methods that are now standards in the electrical supplies industry. Partnering with clients, Calleja delivers electrical expertise, resources and products dedicated to enhancing the success of its customers. With a product range of over 13,000 electrical products, representing the industry’s leading brands, all housed in a floor area of over 5000 square metres, the company continues to set the benchmark by which this sector is measured in Malta.


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