1x54W, 316G2, EB A2,9003

Order code: CAD0E0215482000


The Classic range of light fixtures are designed for ceiling installations as surface mounted. Using suitable accessories, most of the light fittings can also be used as pendant fittings.

Lamp voltage 220-240V, 50-60HzLamp T5, lampholder G5Electronic ballast, class A2Dimmable electronic ballast, class A1, 1-10VDimmable electronic ballast, class A1, DALIDimmable electronic ballast, class A1, switch DIMFixtures which can be installed on normally flammable surfacesProtection degree IP 20Emergency unit
Gross weight 5.00 kg
Pallete quantity 60 pc


  • Housing: sheet steel, electrostatic powder coat finish – basic shade RAL 9003 (signal white, glossy), RAL 7001 (silver grey) on request. Bottom sheet can be delivered in two variants: solid (L1) and perforated (L2).
  • Louvers: LA, LAM, LB, PAR, PAR MAT, PAR-V, PAR MAT-V
  • Diffuser: made of PMMA in opal or prismatic (PS) finish. Optionally, both types can be made of polycarbonate.
  • Reflector: additional top reflector (REF version) on request for T5 parabolic louver versions, an asymmetric reflector is also available
  • The optical system is held by four clamping springs that allow easy lamp replacement.
  • Classic ASR: three lamp, impact-resistant version, developed especially for lighting of sport halls and areas, where higher protection against impacts from different directions is needed for luminaires. Optical part (parabolic louvre) is protected with plastic cover (clear PC), which is built in sheet frame and secured to the luminaire´s body with four clamping springs. Suspended and surface mounted versions available. Luminaires have been tested according to the latest European standard EN 12193 (and DIN VDE 0710 ) to establish their resistance to impacts from flying balls.

    Light fixtures can be equipped with:

  • conventional control gears, standard class EEI=B2, class EEI=B1 is available on request, light fixtures are standardly compensated
  • electronic control gears, standard class EEI=A2
  • dimmable electronic control gears, class EEI=A1 (electronic control gears can be controlled with analogue, digital or DALI signals)
  • Other components:

  • lamps: linear fluorescent lamps T5 (16 mm), T8 (26 mm) - lamps must be ordered separately
  • solid copper internal conductors, PVC insulated (heat resistant up to 90°C) with 0.5 mm2 diameter
  • a screwless three or five pole terminal allows connecting conductors up to 2.5 mm2 cross-section
  • an emergency version of light fixtures with autonomous operation of 1 or 3 hours is available on request

  • suspension accessories
  • lamp holders allowing semi-recess mounting of light fixtures (ASN T5 version)
  • in case of semi-recessed or pendant installation, the fixtures can be equipped with connectors allowing fast electrical connection: 3-pole connectors Wieland gesis GST 18i3, Wago Winsta 770, AAG Stucchi 1601A/1602A (on request: connectors ISODOM, 5-pole connectors Wieland gesis GST 18i5, Wago Winsta 770)