• Wied Babu – Zurrieq
  • Wied Babu – Zurrieq
  • Wied Babu – Zurrieq

Wied Babu – Zurrieq

This project for the Ministry of Resources and Rural Affairs was carried out under the guidance of Eng. Conrad Casha. Our remit was to supply fittings to illuminate the 3000m long Р Wied Babu promenade in Zurrieq.

Eng. Casha requested fittings that were recessed, mindful that they would not interfere with the surroundings, especially during the day when the light fittings are switched off and may be considered overbearing.

We suggested ‘Side – Minigreen’ fittings with their directional louvers – to contain the ¬†light beam and keep it soft enough to serve as orientational light. Another influencing factor was the fittings resistance to corrosion (the promenade is close to the sea) and a robust housing for protection against vandalism.

  • Project: Wied Babu Promenade
  • Brand: Side Spa
  • Model: Minigreen
  • Client: Ministry for Resources & Infrastructure
  • Custodians: Eng. Conrad Casha
  • Realised: February 2008