St. George's Square gets a lighting makeover

At a special evening ceremony, Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi threw the switch to illuminate St. George's Square in Valletta for the first time since its redevelopment.
St. George's Square

Hundreds of spectators cheered as the special energy-efficient lights slowly brightened to their full power – illuminating the façade of the Grand Master’s Palace, the Main Guard building and two lateral fountains at the outer reaches of the square.

The event was the culmination of a year long project for Calleja that compliments a lavish restoration fitting for this beautiful space.

St. George's Square

A thorough project analysis preceded the presentation of light simulation renderings with realistic details of surfaces and specific luminaires based on accurate photometrics.

This allowed an authentic representation of the anticipated lighting effect in the whole square, reliable calculations for energy consumption as well as the arrangement and installation of required control gear.

St. George's Square

Once the design stages were complete, project implementation went ahead with weeks of continuous installation, testing and work commissioning.

The physical scale of the project coupled with the responsibility of illuminating the facades of possibly the most prominent and identifiable buildings in Malta added pressure to deliver an exemplary solution.

Beyond this, the goal of the lighting design was to allow the general public to rediscover the character of buildings that have been at the very forefront of Maltese heritage and culture for centuries.

Respect and passion for the project allowed Calleja to deliver a lighting solution of considerable significance.

St. George's Square


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