• Pender Gardens – St. Julian's
  • Pender Gardens – St. Julian's
  • Pender Gardens – St. Julian's
  • Pender Gardens – St. Julian's
  • Pender Gardens – St. Julian's

Pender Gardens – St. Julian's

Malta’s latest concept development, the Pender Gardens project is illuminated by a multitude of Calleja lighting solutions.

Pender Gardens is prestigious, self-contained development covering an area of 18,500.m2 – strategically located in St Julians Malta. It is close to the busy shopping and entertainment areas, offering all the amenities of a metropolitan centre, yet with all the comforts and security of an exclusive community.

Calleja was awarded the tender to design and supply lighting for the apartment terraces and oasis inspired central piazza.

Anthony Magro, Calleja’s head lighting engineer, elected for ceiling fittings that create a functional illuminance in each balcony, without disturbing the balance of the piazza’s composite whole. The Lombardo – Airy Plus fitting produces a narrow eliptical beam that was strategically placed to avoid uneccessary light spill below the horizontal line of the balconies.

For the central piazza, Pender Contracting’s brief specified that the chosen solution would need to compliment the ‘oasis’ themed designs, developed by architectural firm – Bencini & Associates.

Following a 3D photometric analysis of the site, we developed a solution that directs light only where it is intended – in the interest of people and the environment.

This is achieved by keeping light below the horizontal plane and using luminaires with low, nightime light aperture brightness – ensuring that uncomfortable outdoor luminance contrasts are avoided.

Pathways around the space are well lit using marble finish, wide-beam, floor washlighting – which emphasizes spatial limits to help give an indication about the volume of the area. Spike lights aimed at the trunks of palm trees serve to highlight these long linear features. All luminaires in the piazza are programmed by a lighting control system – allowing adjustment to individual requirements.

Lighting solutions for this type of project require an effective design concept, careful luminaire technology selection and expert installation. Calleja’s growing list of prestigious lighting projects is testament to our exemplary service.


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  • Client: Pender Contracting
  • Custodians: M.T.S., Ing. Patrick Scicluna
  • Products Used: Lombardo, Side, Disano, Ismos
  • Realised: January 2010