• Danish Bakery wall mounted main panel
  • Danish Bakery wall mounted main panel
  • Danish Bakery wall mounted main panel

Danish Bakery wall mounted main panel

Calleja has supplied a wall mounted main panel to Danish Bakery. The panel was 25% cheaper than a free standing alternative and was compact enough as to occupy only 20% of the room dedicated to the switchboard installation.

The assembly and Testing were done by Ing John Attard & his team of technicians.

There are numerous considerations which can influence the layout and configuration of a switchboard. The modular concept of Modis 12 has been specifically designed to offer the OEM customer with ultimate flexibility, allowing the design and build of distribution systems to meet the exact power expectations and space limitations of individual schemes up to 1250A.

Utilising the latest MCB, MCCB and fuse combination unit technology, Modis 12 offers an extensive range of incomers, busbars, interconnections, service centres, MCB distribution boards, and ancillary devices which are easily assembled in a variety of switchboard configurations, from simple Form 2 single section panels through to complex Form 4 Type 2 multi section switchboards.

Modis 12 offers enclosures of 750mm wide and cableways of 250mm wide, with a selectable modular height increasing in 152.4mm increments up to 8 modules (1219.2mm high). This innovative system enables horizontal and/or vertical stacking of selected device enclosures, all with a common depth of 200mm.

  • Project: Valued at €20,000
  • Product: 1250A wall mounted TYCO Modis 12 main panel
  • Brand: TYCO
  • Client: Danish Bakery Limited
  • Custodians: Ing John Attard
  • Realised: October 2011