• Artic fans range
  • Artic fans range
  • Artic fans range
  • Artic fans range
  • Artic fans range

Artic fans range

ARTIC fans are noted for their stylish design for easy placement anywhere occupying little space. Speed, efficiency and functionality are all key aspects of this product range.

Furthermore, this range also offers a silent functional approach and easy installation.
Most of the products in this range have swivel heads that optimizes the distribution of air. Contributing to this, most include variable speed controllers. All products incorporate a high importance given to safety and protection, thus allowing for more mobile installations.

This product range also contains products with handles for easy control of speed and oscillation together with night and breeze functions.

Choosing a ventilation system for your home or business has never been this easier thanks to the Artic fans range!


Full Product Range

Artic Tower N Catalogue (120 KB)

Artic Turbo N Catalogue (120 KB)

Artic 400 PM / Artic 400 PRC Catalogue (80.0 KB)

Artic N Catalogue (88.0 KB)

Artic CN Catalogue (52.0 KB)

HTB N Catalogue (64.0 KB)


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  • Product: Artic range
  • Brand: Soler & Palau