Your questions answered

Why have you changed your name and logo?

In an effort to better meet the needs of today’s customers, we advocate constant improvement to our 85 year legacy and as we’ve grown in experience and wisdom, we felt there was a widening discrepancy between who we are today and how we are recognized.

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'Our Values' – new brand film by Calleja.

‘Our Values’ is a new, one minute film that starts screening from January 2010 as part of a campaign to inform the general public about E. Calleja & Sons’ name change and rebranding initiative. “The chief aim of this film is to help consumers familiarise themselves

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E. Calleja & Sons announces corporate rebranding

Starting February1st, 2010, Malta’s oldest electrical supplier – ‘E. Calleja & Sons’, will rebrand under the name ‘Calleja’. Timed to coincide with their 85th anniversary, this initiative will introduce wide ranging change across all areas of the operation.

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